From the beginning

when I first came to Israel to explore my Hebrew heritage, HaShem put on my heart to bring the Kings and Queens of Africa, their tribes the scattered tribes around the world to Jerusalem so that they could reconnect with HaShem, Torah, their heritage as descendants of their Israelite forefathers and to see the Land from which they came and to which HaShem was bringing them back as He has promised through the Prophets.

The second dream HaShem has placed in my heart was that all the nations should come and worship Him in the rebuilt Tabernacle of David according to His instructions in the Tenach.
As I have prayed and discussed this with many leaders in Israel and around the world, it seems good to us that we should focus on the Feast of Tabernacles as the time to call for such an assembly.  It would not only fulfill the instructions handed down from Moses but would also provide a touch point for those desiring to discover their Israelite heritage, learn about Israel and their Creator God who has called them out of the Diaspora to worship and obey Him for the benefit of the nations and for His glory. I am calling all the Israelites and their friends to join us for this pilgrimage as the first of its kind according to the Leviticus 23:42. What a privilege!

King’s Invitation
nations of the earth will assemble before Him in Jerusalem each year. I believe that HaShem is calling us to begin preparations for His return by turning our hearts toward Him and following His instructions given to us in the Tenach. We are to dwell in booths for seven days and recall His goodness and provision.

As King David did before us, one of the first things he did as king was to establish prophetic worship and thanksgiving to the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords, the Creator of the Universe and Protector of Israel.  As the nation of Israel is being reestablished and the lost tribes are returning, it is imperative that we give honor to our God and focus on the ways of God that please Him with our whole hearts. Bring praise, thanks, worship, songs, gifts and happy hearts to Him.

The Feast of Booths follows a sincere time of reflection, fasting and repentance. This will be a time of great joy and family celebration as we remember His works and anticipate the coming messianic reign. There are many wonderful traditions that bring joy and hope reflecting on His great faithfulness to us as a people.

Let us come together then as all the tribes and friends of Israel to celebrate and, as in Psalm 122:4-5, say to HaShem, the Great I am Who I Am,  “You are our God. You are our Father.  You are our Lord and King. 
 Come and let us go to the hills of Zion to say to our God, “ Thank you”

Princes and Princesses of Israel, Leaders of the Nations, gather your tribes and children as a great family reunion. Let us go to Jerusalem and proclaim the great ‘Shama Israel’ on Mount Mariah for the Salvation from HaShem, our King and His kingdom is coming soon.
Meanwhile, I wish you in advance Happy Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur and I am looking forward to seeing you in Jerusalem for Sukkoth.

His Majesty King Daviyd Ayayi Ayih
9 Av 5776
August 14, 2016
Washington Palace

 Sukkot in the Torah
Sukkot has several commandments that we need to hold as it is written in the Torah
Sitting in the sukkah
In The Torah written:  "in Sukkot has to sit in the sukkah 7 days Because in Sukkoth I put the children of Israel for 40 years in the desert".
God commands us to leave our own home and live in the sukkah for seven 7 days Leave all materialism of this world and go under the Wings of God's name.
Remember the clouds of glory,  protected  And Saved.
Four species
Etrog, lulav, myrtle, willow.
Four Species symbolize the unity of all kinds of people in the nation of Israel
Etrog: that has both taste and smell symbolizes the righteous who study Torah and perform mitzvoth.
Myrtle: that has a smell and no taste, symbolizes the people who have the commandments but they have no Torah study.
Lulav: it comes palm wood that has a taste and no smell symbolizes the people that have Torah but do not Obey the commandments.
Willow: has no taste and no smell, symbolizing the people who do not have Torah and do not Obey the commandments.
God commands us to unite all kinds of people of Israel together no matter what place they
All his children.
Joy of the holiday
She Simchat Beit Hashoeva. anyone who did not see the joy that was when the Temple existed has not seen joy in his life
in Sukkot were non-Jewish immigrants from around the world. The Kohanim are offering 70 oxen as 70 nations. that everyone will recognize and acknowledge that there is only one God worldwide and is the God of Israel.
Commandment of pilgrimage
Three times a year, God asks the people of Israel go up to the Temple, Passover and Sukkot and Shavuot.
All the tribes of Israel are united in the Temple on Mount Moriah.
A letter signed by the Kings and Queens of Africa that they coming on Sukkot to Israel, it is
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Letters and certificates on the pilgrimage"